It is an aromatic species marketed mainly in the Middle East. It has various functions in cooking, medicine, perfume industry and in the oil industry. After saffron, it is the most expensive species in the world, it is called the queen of the species. Guatemala is the main exporter of this species worldwide, since it has a unique and suitable climate for cardamom production.



It is part of the essence of Guatemala. The unique quality of Guatemalan coffee is due to the different altitudes of our national territory and more than 300 beneficial microclimates for cultivation. 98% of national coffee is grown under leftovers, harvested by hand. The high quality throughout the production chain and its constant innovation are recognized thanks to the effort of the coffee sector. Guatemala has positioned itself as a pioneer country in the regionalization of coffees. Our coffee is "Rainforest Cobán" which is among the 8 regions classified in "Guatemalan coffees".



Better known as dioic pepper or fat pepper. It is a species that has great aroma and subtle flavor. Its usefulness is in condiments, medicine, flavorings, insecticides, fungicides, elaboration of perfumes and soaps, such as essential oils; food additive and antioxidants. Guatemala has the ideal tropical conditions for the cultivation of dioic pepper.


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