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Modern Agriculture

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A vision of a better future
through good food

Abigail and Azad started experimenting Built on an unwavering commitment to 100% organic, ethically and sustainably sourced food, Biona began life on a kitchen table in London over 64 years ago. Abigail and Azad started experimenting

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We believe in 100% traceability for each and every product

Our Story

  • 1983
  • 1990
  • 2001
  • 2019
  • The Dream

    With great enthusiasm and fervor, Mr. Waldemar Javier and Mrs. Carlota Morales started the business in 1983 in the region of Alta Verapaz. Having managed to achieve those that one day were only dreams, formally begin work as pioneers in the sale and marketing of coffee in the area under the name “Cafemar”.

  • The growth

    Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves by our constant growth, dedication and care in the activities we carry out, being a company specialized in the trading of tradi-tional products with the best quality in the Verapaces region.

    We have managed to extend our commercial skills and our company’s life, taking care of every detail in our products, being careful to maintain the best quality control.

  • Cafemar

    It was in 1997 that our company began selling cardamom, however, it was not until 2001 when “Cafemar” began its dehydration process. Eleven years after being positioned in the industry, cardamom is produced on its own farms and we were able to trade more than 5,000 metric tons per year.



To offer the world products of the highest quality, which we harvested with Guatemalan passion.


We want to make Guatemala recognized by the world throughout our products.


Being a sustainable company that contributes to increase regional productivity internally and externally in the country.




Always act with rectitude and truthfulness.


Compliance withthe accepted obligations.


Offer the best qualitywith excellent service.



Located in the tropical mountains of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala,where there are ideal climates to produce cardamom and coffee of the best quality.

Alta Verapaz has a tropical climate, humid and hot, which is ideal for the cultivation of our products, among them, we can mention cardamom and coffee, these are worked with the highest quality standards.